Dave Ramsey Changed My Life With One IG Post

I think it’s normal that we all wish to upgrade and level up in our lives, but rarely do we make the change. Well Dave Ramsey made a IG post recently which really hit the spot for me. You know how it is when something just clicks for you?

Well I saw this post and it really resonated. The post read: “I think it is pretty cool that you can just DECIDE to change your life, Make today THE DAY.”


….and I agree. It is really cool that you can just change your life in a day. All it takes is a definite decision that you want to make the change and it’s done.

It’s funny that it was a post made by Dave Ramsey, the debt snowball guru because one of the main parts of my life I want to change is my habit of spending on my credit cards. It seems like I’ve been on a debt payoff journey for 4 years now, but I’m really serious now.

As an example, I really needed a new washer and dryer for my home and instead of charging it as I would usually do, I simply ran my debit card for the full amount. Although it was a hunk of change, I realized that by making that one small pivot (paying up front for what I want versus charging it to a card where I have to pay interest), I’m moving towards the person I want to be one day who has no credit card debt.

So my brand new digital GE Washer and Dryer will arrive on Thursday, and I don’t have any payments to look forward to.

It feels SO good.

Who else is on this journey with me? Sound off below in the comments.