Has it ever happened to you before? You’re on vacation, looking like a million bucks, you are killing the scene with your outfits, (and you’re also killing the food)...and on the second or third day you realize that things are no longer “moving” the way they used to. Well it’s the story of my life since I travel so much. I have to be deliberate and really make sure that I have a plan in place before I leave for my destination so that my digestive system doesn’t totally shut down and I end up looking bloated & swollen.

If this has ever happened to you, or you face these issues on the regular, I have a couple of tried and true tips that can help you get that constipated look off your face and smile for the camera! Afterall, you paid a lot of money to go on this vacay.

Number 1- PLAN AHEAD

Ok so maybe this is a given but it’s the most important piece so that you don’t find yourself stuck without the proper tools. Bring fiber and probiotics with you (supplements which will assist your digestive system in breaking down food). It’s something about being in a different environment that tells your body to hold on to everything, but these supplements will definitely help to override that.

Here is the fiber that I pack in my bag: Benefiber Fiber Supplement Powder Sticks

Benefiber “on the go” comes in packets so it makes it easier to just break them open and put them into my bottled water at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here are the probiotics that I prefer while traveling: Walgreens Weight Management Probiotics with Green Tea Extract Capsules

With the Walgreens Weight Management Probiotics with Green Tea Extract Capsules you are not only getting the probiotics to support a healthy gut, but you’re also getting green tea extract to raise your metabolism and control your weight while on vacation because we all know things can get out of hand when you’re on an island enjoying yourself.


Did you just give me an eye roll? I know, I know...most of the time it’s difficult to even find water when you’re vacationing, and then when you find it, you have to go to the bathroom often which can be difficult when you’re moving from place to place.

I’m sorry, but you just have to do it. Think of the water as your medicine while you are on the road, and in order for you to continue feeling good while you are away, you need to get in your water. Drinking this much water will allow you to still eat those sodium filled meals and still look like yourself instead of Professor Klump. It will also help your skin to look radiant since you’ll be taking selfies on the beach with no makeup.


Yes, I know that we don’t go on vacation just to stick to our regular strict diets, but there are still ways to get your veggies in and STILL eat that plate of pasta. Before you leave for your destination, do a google search to see if they have any green juice bars or smoothie shops. You can’t lose when you’re having one of these each day in addition to having your fiber powder and probiotic capsules.

Once you sit down to eat at a restaurant, order a salad with each meal and eat it FIRST! This will make sure that you’re getting your greens in and also will make you less hungry for the heavier (and most likely unhealthy) part of the meal.


Exercising while on vacation takes real willpower and determination. Let me think of the reasons why I haven’t exercised in the past while on vacation:

  1. I didn’t feel like it
  2. My hair was laid and I didn’t want to remotely sweat because my curls mean business
  3. Nobody else on the trip was exercising so why should I be a lame
  4. I didn’t bring any workout clothes, there simply just wasn’t room in my bag
  5. I wasn’t sure if the hotel would have a gym
  6. I didn’t think there would be time for exercise because our agenda is packed

These are the excuses of someone who is determined to not exercise. A simple way around this is to get determined to keep your waistline snatched even while you’re out seeing the world. Afterall, you’ve gotta be ready for the gram and you can’t do that with tacos, jerk chicken, and lasagna around your gut.

So write down the excuses you usually tell yourself about why you can’t workout on vacation, then beside the excuse, write out how you will overcome that "obstacle". So here is an example of my obstacle/remedy list for exercising:

Obstacle 1: I didn’t feel like it  

Remedy: I am affirming to myself everyday that I love working out, and it doesn’t matter where I am. I’m also looking at inspirational photos of fit women on instagram each day to remind me to get off my butt, workout, and not gain weight while on vacation.

Obstacle 2: My hair is laid and I don’t want to sweat

Remedy: Knowing that I HAVE TO WORKOUT, I will wear a hairstyle which will allow me to sweat or get my hair wet, and still look cute.

Obstacle 3: Nobody else on the trip is exercising so why should I be a lame

Remedy: Remind myself that my health and the size of my waist is my own responsibility. It has nothing to do with anyone else. They can’t gain the weight for me, and they can’t help me lose it so I have to do what’s best for me.

Obstacle 4: I didn’t bring any workout clothes, there simply just wasn’t room in my bag

Remedy: Pack your workout clothes and shoes in your bag first. You don’t need to bring your entire fitness collection, just one or two outfits that you can wash and reuse.

Obstacle 5: I wasn’t sure if the hotel would have a gym

Remedy: Girllllll Please!! Google is open for searching 24/7. If the hotel doesn’t have a gym, call them and ask about nearby workout studios.

Obstacle 6: I didn’t think there would be time for exercise because our agenda is packed

Remedy: Knowing the agenda gives you the chance to plan around the daily activities. Also, you don’t have to do a full hour, you can get in a good sweat session in 15-20 minutes with the right program. Pull up any short HIIT workout on your YouTube app on your phone and get it in!

Okay! That’s all that I have. I hope that with these tips you can come back from your trip looking better than when you left. This is the lifestyle of a Pretty CEO.