Stop Asking Their Opinion- Do Your Own Thing!

How many times do you find that you talk yourself out of something you really wanted to do?

I am extremely guilty of this, and although doubtful self talk can be destructive, we also have to make sure that we are not allowing the opinions of others to steal our dreams.

You know what I mean!

That cousin that doesn’t think you should change your hair color…

Your co-worker that’s talking you out of asking for a raise…

That friend that thinks your business idea will just never work…

While you are listening to the nay-sayers, your dreams are slipping away.

Do me a favor! Take a look at the video above, then promise me that you will never, EVER allow anyone else to derail your plans.

Stay quiet, stay focused, smash your goals, and tell people about your RESULTS….not your plan.

Love ya,